Sunday, April 4, 2010

Simple Carrot Cake

This recipe was adapted from Aqmal's Banana Muffin recipe.

1 egg

Shredded carrots (I used like 6 coz they were medium sized)

75 g butter (melted)

190 g flour

baking soda (a pinch)

baking powder (a pinch)

salt (a pinch) so rasa lemak2 sikit… :)

150 g sugar (make it a bit less, so we cut down our sugar a bit ya)

A dash of grounded cinnamon (I used cinnamon-sugar sprinkles)

Some almond or walnut if you have some (I used almond flakes)

Just mix all of those stuff together, and bake at 180C for about 40-45 minutes.

* If you’d like to use bananas, just swapped the carrots with 4 medium-sized bananas, and no need for cinnamon and almond.

p/s: Carrot cake always reminds me of Mak... coz Mak loves baking carrot cake and her children love them too :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

kuih semprit

Kuih Samprit yg sedap! Kalau takde acuan samprit pun takpe.. just terap je with any cookie or biscuit molds. Resipi from

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Murtabak Express

Resipi from internet (but always terlupa nak salin source of the recipe!)

Inti Murtabak for 12-15 pieces:

Daging cincang or Ayam cincang (however much you want it, 100gram, 200 gram, etc)
4 potatoes
2 sudu rempah kari
1 biji bawang besar
2 ulas bawang putih
daun sup
kulit popia
3 biji telur

1. Tumis bawang dadu2
2. Bila layu, masuk rempah kari yg dah di-mix dgn air. Goreng sampai pecah minyak
3. Masuk daging/ayam until cooked.
4. Masuk kentang dadu and garam until kentang empuk. then masuk chopped daun sup.
5. Pukul telur in a bowl, then masukkan inti dlm telur. Kacau.
6. Bungkus murtabak dgn kulit popia.
7. Goreng dgn api perlahan, using minyak sikit or butter.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kuih Raya!! Biskut Kacang not-Mazola

our first kuih raya edition!!! the name is Biskut Kacang Mazola. Mazola is actually brand minyak jagung kat Malaysia, but since minyak jagung here mahal, so i just used vegetable cooking oil. we'll have to wait to see that the kuih taste like after buka puasa nnt.

the recipe is pretty easy, provided that you have a food processor or dry blender. (so glad the food processor i bought at cash converter can actually grind the peanuts!!)

so here's the recipe which i've portioned according to how i made them:

so what u'll need:

600 gm Tepung Gandum
600 gm Kacang Tanah (I baked the peanuts like you used to do)
400 gm Gula Castor
1 cwn Minyak (I used vegetable oil coz minyak jagung mahal, and it worked out fine too)
1 kuning Telur

1. bake your peanuts until the skin can easily be rubbed off.
2. get the peanuts skin off. this will take a while. masuk dlm kain buruk and rub-a-dub-dub away the skins.
3. grind the peanuts until they are finely ground. but be careful not too fine that they start to keluar minyak. we don't want this.
4. on a dulang besar, hand mix your flour, sugar and peanuts... gaul2 guna tangan.
5. then buat mcm bukit, and buat lubang kat tengah, and masuk kan half of the minyak. then gaul2.
6. then add some more minyak using the same method and continue gaul.
7. gaul until all the mix is pretty much binded.
8. then bulat2 kan the mix into little balls. use some chopped peanuts utk hias kat atas.
9. get ur egg yolk and sapu kan kat atas dia. make sure egg yolk takde bubbles, or they will turn dark nnt!
10. i baked them at 180 degress for 20 minutes.

as for the taste, i'll do an entry tonite after we make them.

we now have 97 peanut biscuit balls!

Nasi Ayam Malaysia-Manhattan-Melbourne

For buka puasa today I made Nasi Ayam. First time buat Nasi Ayam fully manual (before this buat main2 je asal boleh, but this time, it was for real! Cuma from recipe adik, I didn't use honey or sesame oil. So ayam dia mcm nasi ayam biasa je lah. but it was good!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

oh wow dah lama tak visit blog ni!

selamat berpuasa all!!

so far i have made rendang ayam
recipe found online, i lupa which site haha but it was so good mmm

then i made kari ayam with lemon grass and lots of okra

and malam ni nak try murtabak :
with sirap bandung with ice cream soda mmmmm